Grace Goodwin

Cyborg Fever

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    “Um, Dahl. He’s looking at you.”

    No shit.

    The Atlan, seemingly brought out of his stupor over me—which was ridiculous because I was far from exciting in my plain uniform, my hair pulled back in the usual low ponytail—began to move again, doing that circling thing once more, but he continued to watch me.


    “He’s going to get knocked out if he doesn’t focus on the match,” I murmured. I bit my lip, suddenly worried for the big guy. Distraction was not what he needed at the moment.

    My ovaries liked that I was his distraction though. My pussy clenched, my nipples got hard from the way he was watching me. God, it was powerful. Was this what the Everians felt like when their marks awakened?

    No, this wasn’t like that. I didn’t feel it in my soul. This I felt in all my female parts. Every single one of them. This was pure lust. I was aroused by him. Seriously turned on. I wanted him. Not to keep, but to make this ache go away. And if he was as big everywhere as Melody had been joking about, then it would be an amazing ride.

    I did have twelve hours free and clear of my duties. No teaching, no missions for the I.C. Nothing but downtime where I could relieve this ache that was growing by the second. And I wanted the Atlan to take care of it for me.

    If he didn’t end up in the med unit first.

    The Prillon let out a bellow and attacked.
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    to break it free from whatever held it. Her eyes were
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    transport block on both you and Captain Dahl. You’re dismissed.”
    My beast went deadly still. This female had threatened my mate. Threatened to use me as a means of hurting Kira. Conjugal fucking visits? Transport block? Years in confinement
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