C.F. Rabbiosi

Loved By The First

Raina's Sire has released her to be with her human love. Finally.

If only her hunger for blood wasn't getting out of control and endangering him. If only the first vampire and most dangerous being on earth wasn't pursuing her for his torturous pleasure. If only she could stay.

Traveling across the world to escape Varo, the man who began the vampire curse, Raina leaves everything she loves behind and heads to Tombstone, where the Silver City Strangler has been making his own living dead girls, leaving their naked bodies to be claimed by the desert sun. Finding and dealing with him will feed the beast inside the beautiful new vampire, yet protect her human soul from disintegrating into nothingness.

But The First has found her. He wants to hurt her, to make Raina's Sire suffer for killing his love, but never thought his stone-cold heart would come alive again… In her.

He torments Raina, but she can feel his hidden desire. She is drawn to The First, for he is beautiful and deadly… and the one who started it all.

This book contains graphic sex and violence, and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.
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