C.F. Rabbiosi


Calypso and the women from her village have been stolen by the huge warrior alphas. Haunted by tales of violence and lust-filled desperation, they’re taken in chains across the land to become their breeders, as the Koridons aren’t capable of conceiving with their own kind in Earth’s atmosphere.

But Calypso knows something about them that none of the others do: many of the frightening males are capable of so much more than savagery, like her princely mate, Kassien. She doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive, as his worst enemy forces her to be with him for his own sick pleasure.

As the women are thrown into this dangerous new world, they’ll have to survive not only the brutish strength of their mating unions and the complications of carrying a Koridon child, but also the risks to their own hearts.

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains graphic sex, violence and triggers including forced desire and complete power exchange, and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.
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