Charlotte Stein,Elizabeth Cage,Janine Ashbless,Sue Williams,J. Manx

Shot to the Heart

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed Valentines themes.

Shot to the Heart by Janine Ashbless

Buying a Valentine card for someone else in front of your boyfriend might not seem like the wisest thing to do. But Nikki’s act prompts Oliver to show her the reason why hearts appear on those cards – and it involves a trip to the fanciest department store in town. In the lingerie department, stripped to her panties, Nikki discovers what it really means to be pierced by Cupid’s arrow.

Dr Charm by J. Manx

Brought up on a diet of soppy medical romance novels and influenced by a meeting with a fortune-teller, Georgina is sure she’s going to live happily ever after with a gorgeous doctor. So when her best friend introduces her to Dr Luke Daniels, she goes all out to seduce him. But is Luke really what he seems?

Served, on Wheels by Sue Williams

The job in the roller bar offers her the perfect chance to get revenge on the boyfriend who dumped her. Gliding round, completely in control, she knows she can break the club’s “no sex” rule and have any man she wants. And on Valentine’s Day, she puts on her horniest show yet…

Neighbours by Elizabeth Cage

If the vicars and tarts party down the road is keeping you awake, the only thing you can do is go over there and complain. But what happens when you discover the arrogant host with the booming stereo is tall, dark, handsome – and dressed as the sluttiest tart in town?

Dirty Boy by Charlotte Stein

The train is full of potential lovers, but she’s got eyes for only one man – the shy, cute boy she can tease and torment. She relishes the power she has over him as she unzips his fly in the crowded carriage, determined that on this particular journey, he’ll be going all the way…

These stories have also been published in Sex, Love and Valentines ISBN 9781907016103
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