Dlenti O’Pick

A Study Of The Behavior Between Alien Specimen #201 And Volunteer Human #13

This experiment explores the potential coupling between Alien Specimen #201 and Volunteer Human #13. Prior subjects have been tested and abandoned. Subjects are all chosen due to the subject’s proclivity for tentacle-related ‘videos’. Subject #13 is fully aware and consensual.

You know what you're getting into when you are handed the thousand-page document. A normal person would scream and run. It reads like a BDSM terms and agreement written by someone who has no idea what they're into, so they've just included everything. A level-headed person would see the giant red flag being waved all the way from Mars and run.

And that's before you're told that you aren't dealing with inexperienced Doms trying out the lifestyle for the first time. No. You're dealing with an alien creature that had fallen from the sky.

You're an intelligent woman, but you've also come five times reading the papers, imagining all the things written there being done to you. The scientists are staring at you hungrily from the other side of the glass. You're free to reject their proposal, but you want to see, want to experience everything they've laid out on the paper. You sign your name on everything.

You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

You know what you're getting into when you signed the thousand-page document. They're not trying to be sneaky with it. Everything is laid out in black and white so that you can't claim ignorance later, can't pretend you didn't leap headfirst into trouble.

It's not just the money either (but you have to admit, the money is a good incentive).

No, someone has to actually want this to agree to all the insane stipulations that were written in detail.

You have to actually want this, and you do.

You're a smart girl. Not spectacularly smart, but your results are decent. You are a level-headed, reasonable person. You work a nine-to-five, pay your taxes, and you're on your way to saving enough money to pay for that degree you've always wanted.

You don't know how they found you.

Alright, that's a lie.

You do know how they found you. It's all the kinky porn that you've been watching on your phone without a vpn. Thinking this, you pause, waiting for one of the many advertising ads to start playing so you can skip it. You snort. Right, this isn't some free streaming site.

This is real life and this is happening to you now.
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