Dlenti O’Pick

Taking Two Jocks

Jessica isn't half as innocent as she looks. She's a college student in a relationship with not one, but two handsome jocks who have extraordinarily little self-control. They want her all the time and aren't afraid to make their intentions known and she hasn't learned how to say no to either of them yet. This puts her in many, many compromising situations with both of them at the same time in many public places.

It all started when she's dared to run through the hallways of her dorm wearing nothing, and then it just spirals to surrendering her first time in the library while someone watches, humiliating adventures in a moving car, and being touched on a hiking path.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Jessica can pinpoint the exact moment her exhibitionist kink started. In fact, she even remembers who started it.

His name is John and he's just a guy in her school. She never really gets to know him beyond that point, but she remembers he was the one who jump started her kinks.

The spinning bottle between them comes to a stop with the mouth pointed directly at her and John says, “I dare you to run across the hall naked.”

All nine pairs of eyes are on her suddenly. Her mouth opens and closes a few times. “I didn't say whether I wanted to do truth or dare,” she argues. Her pulse races.

“So you're going to chicken out?” one of the others teases.

The other girls before her have been much braver, taking on their dares without batting an eye.

Kendra's panties are still in front of her and Lawrence isn't wearing anything at all. It's only understandable that he has his hands folded in front of him, hiding his junk from view.

Natalie still hasn't put her shirt back on from her challenge earlier. She's wearing her lace bra that is a size or two too small and Jessica thinks it's not really the guy's fault that their eyes keep drifting towards her. She's finding it hard not to look at her too. Her breasts are spilling out from the bra, pink nipple peeking from the edge.

Nobody's looking at her now. They're all looking at Jessica.
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