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Peter Watts

The Freeze-Frame Revolution

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“This—THIS—is the cutting edge of science fiction.” —Richard K. Morgan, author of Altered Carbon
How do you stage a mutiny when you're only awake one day in a million? How do you conspire when your tiny handful of potential allies changes with each job shift? How do you engage an enemy that never sleeps, that sees through your eyes and hears through your ears, and relentlessly, honestly, only wants what's best for you? Trapped aboard the starship Eriophora, Sunday Ahzmundin is about to discover the components of any successful revolution: conspiracy, code—and unavoidable casualties.
Note from the publisher: The red letters in the print edition (highlighted letters in the e-book) indicate special bonus content.
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    “Is that how you deal with it? If it never happened, it never will?
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    as I what-the-fucked my way out of the sarcophagus

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