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Carnivore Diet for Women

Have you ever wondered how your best friend is so slim and has clear skin despite the all-meat diet she’s following? Do you have what it takes to go on the diet?

This book contains all you need to know about the Carnivore Diet, in particular for women. This book provides a 14-day general sample plan as to what to eat for the next two weeks. The book also provides a more comprehensive 7-day meal plan, which contains flavorful and easy recipes for the Carnivore Diet you are about to follow.

In this guide for the Carnivore Diet, you will discover…

•    The basics of the Carnivore Diet and how the diet benefits its followers in general.
•    The benefits of the diet and how the diet can help you achieve overall health.
•    Extra benefits for women and how they can get clear and smooth skin through the Carnivore Diet 
•    What you’ll experience during the first few weeks on the diet.
•    Steps on how to ease into the diet.
•    The foods to consume and to avoid.
•    A 14-day guide on what to eat and what to buy on the Carnivore Diet 
•    A comprehensive 7-day meal plan with recipes.
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