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Anti-Cancer Diet

Here’s the truth—diet is considered a major risk factor associated with the onset of cancer. As such, researchers have tried to identify not only the food products that can cause cancer but also the superfoods that can prevent the growth and development of cancer cells.

After several years of research, the World Cancer Research Fund has successfully designed an anti-cancer diet that’s essential for both cancer prevention, and the survival of cancer patients. By following their prescribed diet and living an active lifestyle, an individual will be able to avoid getting 40% of the different types of cancer known today.

This book shall discuss in detail the elements of an anti-cancer diet, which are:

Eating the right kinds of food

Lowering the carcinogens in your food

Preparing a balanced meal plan

Maintaining your ideal body weight

Since you’re just starting with the anti-cancer diet, this book also contains a sample 7-day anticancer meal plan. To assist you in applying this plan during your first week, 13 recipes have also been provided, detailing the exact ingredients and procedures you need to follow. Finally, read through each weekly plan to discover exactly how the diet can be your main defense against cancer.

Thanks again for getting this book, I hope you enjoy it!
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