Laura Lovecraft

Cheating With Mom

Andrew is in a complicated relationship. He's having torrid sex with a smoking hot milf who not only can't get enough of him, but loves him as much as she lusts for him. So what's complicated about that? For starters, his sexy older lover is married, and her husband is getting suspicious. That would be bad for anyone, but worse for Andrew because the woman he's having an affair with? Is his mother!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

He turned the light on for her and when she stood there swaying,led her to the bed.

“I like that.” She squeezed his hand. “I miss being close to you, Andrew.”

“I’ll work on being around more. How about we go grab lunch and a movie tomorrow?”

“That would be nice.” She kissed his cheek. “You really are a good boy.”

“I have good parents.”

“One, anyway.” She rolled her eyes.

“Be nice,” He chided her. “Dad’s a good guy.”

“That’s because you don’t know.”

“Know what?” What was she on about now?

“He…” she paused, then shrugged. “He doesn’t pay me much mind these days, that’s all.”

“Can’t see why not, you’re a beautiful woman.” Andrew wasn’t just saying that to make her feel good. He’d noticed it for the first time tonight, but had replaced hot with beautiful because what son referred to their mother as hot?

“You think so?” Mom smiled.

“Know so.” He told her, “I bet those guys at the bar were interested, what man wouldn’t be?”

“The one who should be.” The smile left her face, then returned to that inebriated exaggerated one. “But you’re right, a lot of guys bought me drinks and danced with me.”

“Then you had a good time and…”

“No, a good time would have been not going to bed alone.”

“No choice there, mom. You’re not that kind of woman.”

“People can surprise you sometimes, honey.” She spoke softly, her eyes filling up. Please go to sleep, Andrew silently implored her, he couldn’t deal with tears.

“I’m pretty sure I know my mom and she’s an amazing woman.”

“You’re a good son.” Mom touched his cheek. “Will you do something for me?”

“Anything you need.” He instantly regretted his words considering some of the things she’d blurted out tonight.

“Will you sleep with me?”


“Would you spend the night in bed with me?” she didn’t seem to notice his reaction. “I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

“That’s kind of um, weird, mom.”

“No, it’s pathetic is what it is.” She lowered her head “But I'm feeling pretty pathetic right now.” She looked up at him, “Please? I’m so tired of feeling lonely.”

“Dad’s only gone for a couple nights mom.”

“I’m alone even when he’s here.” She shrugged, then gave him a sad smile. “But never mind, you’re right. I’m being a loser.”

“Don’t say that mom.” His heart went out to her. His mother was always so strong and self-assured. It bothered him to see her like this. “And sure, if it will make you feel better, I’ll stay with you.”

“Really?” her eyes lit up.

“Can’t have you being lonely now can we?” he winked. “And I can tell my friends I spent Friday night with a sexy older woman.”

Andrew figured it wasn’t the smartest thing to say seeing how raunchy she’d been, but in her current state he felt she needed some assurance.

“Tell them you banged some drunk slutty cougar?” Mom’s smile made his comment worth it.

“You’re not slutty, just drunk.” He pointed out. “You need to change.”

“Right, can’t sleep in this.” She looked down at the dress. “Funny how the less material a dress is the more it costs.”

“Take your word for it. I haven’t been dress shopping in a while.”

“Good thing, I don’t think you have the legs for it.” Mom returned the joke then grabbing the hem of her dress proceeded to pull it up.
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