Stepbrother's Gangbang Orgy

When Peter and Joyce sneak
away from summer camp to have sex, they stumble across four horny counselors
gangbanging each other. Now they’re even hornier than before. Then they
accidentally interrupt Jerry and Jenny down by the lake! Is everyone out having
illicit sex?

They’ve wanted to trade
partners for a long time…and now they have the perfect chance! But will their
best friends agree?

~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~~~

“How far away is this
perfect spot of yours?” Joyce whispered as she clutched Peter’s hand a little
tighter. She could hardly wait to strip off her clothes and attack him!

“Just a little furth…”

He stopped so suddenly
that she nearly stumbled. Then she heard it, too. Soft frantic cries, and breathless gasps of rising pleasure. Someone else had already found their
perfect spot, and they were banging each other hard and fast!

“Let’s see who it is!”
Peter tightened the blanket around them, and began to inch forward.

Joyce vigorously shook
her head. “This isn’t an invisibility cloak,” she protested. “They’ll see us when we cross the clearing!”

He winked impishly.
“Bet? Come on!”

He was right—they were
too busy humping up and down to take notice of anything else around them. And then Joyce’s jaw dropped. “Jerry and Jenny Haskins!” She’d never suspected them
of doing the wild thing!

They’d spied on lots of people—but never like this,
outside in the silvery moonlight! There was something even more exciting than
usual about the sight of their vigorous bodies writhing on the thick blanket.

Her mouth began to water as she watched Jerry’s sweaty muscles bunch with exertion. Then he
stiffened and then began to thrust deeper, and the liquid heat in her belly
churned like molten lava.

God, he was hot!

“I’ve got an idea!”
Peter’s breathless whisper echoed in her ear. “Let’s back up and pretend like
we didn’t see anything…and then we’ll make lots of noise as we walk through the clearing again. That’ll give them time to get dressed and pretend that they
weren’t doing anything.”

Her eyes widened. “And
then?” She was panting so fast that she could barely force the eager question

The grin he tossed her was purely wicked. “We’ll see if they want to join us.”

She came hard on the
spot, and just barely managed to strangle back her helpless cry by biting her bottom lip until it ached…
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