Laura Lovecraft

Daddy's Home

After having been seduced by his mother and sister on Friday night, this has been the best weekend of Randy's life! But as hot as the taboo sex is, he's still confused about some things, and is discovering there are some rules to the family's sexual games. Randy's learning as he goes, but he hasn't seen anything yet. As wild as the weekend was, it wasn't as wild as it will be…because now Dad's home!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

He jumped in his chair when Haley’s bare foot ran up and down his leg. He looked over at her, but she was looking at dad while telling him about URI’s upcoming football schedule.

Her soft foot ran up his leg and his eyes widened when she slipped her toes beneath his shorts and pushed her foot in as far as she could. Randy stifled a moan as her toes wiggled against him.

He put his hand under the table, grabbing her ankle and trying to push her foot away, but she wouldn’t budge and he couldn’t really push without being obvious.

“You okay, little brother?” She smiled sweetly at him.

“Yeah, why?” he asked, then mouthed “Stop that.”

“Awfully quiet.” Her smile widened “Hard day?”

“No class was okay and, oh.” He lost control for a moment when her toes managed to curl around him before he shifted further back in his chair.

“Something wrong?” She laughed, “You…” Haley trailed off in a soft sigh, “Whatever.” She added in a soft whisper.

Randy stared at her, then glanced over at mom who was sitting there with a smile playing at the corners of her mouth. He dropped his fork and bending down to pick it up saw Mom not only had her foot between Haley’s legs, but her other foot was in dad's lap.

Haley’s hand appeared beneath the table and moved her panties. Randy swallowed hard while watching the show, unable to believe his eyes.

“Hey, you get lost under there, Randy?” Dad asked.

He jerked his head up so fast he whacked it on the table, then grinned sheepishly when Dad laughed at him.
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