Stories of Your Life and Others, Ted Chiang
Ted Chiang

Stories of Your Life and Others

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This marvelous collection by one of science fiction’s most thoughtful and graceful writers belongs on the bookshelf of anyone interested in literary science fiction.

Collected here for the first time, Ted Chiang’s award-winning stories-recipients of the Nebula, Sturgeon, Campbell, and Asimov awards-offer a feast of science, speculation, humanity, and lyricism. Standouts include «Tower of Babylon,» in which a miner ascends the fabled tower in order to break through the vault of heaven; «Division by Zero,» a precise and heartbreaking examination of the disintegration of hope and love; and «Story of Your Life,» in which a linguist learns an alien language that reshapes her view of the world. Chiang has the gift that lies at the heart of good science fiction: a human story, beautifully told, in which the science is an expression of the deeper issues that the characters must confront. Full of remarkable ideas and unforgettable moments, Stories of Your Life and Others is highly recommended.

— Roz Genessee
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"He wishes I were still a kid. He hasn't known how to act toward me since I grew breasts."
"Well, that development was a shock for him. Give him time to recover."
"It's been years, Mom. How long is it gonna take?"
"I'll let you know when my father has come to terms with mine."

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