David Goldwich

Kickass Business Presentations

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There are a lot of books about presentation skills out there. Many of them focus on formal public speaking and emphasize style over substance. These books tell you how to breathe, articulate, project your voice, and make gorgeous gestures with your hands. Do you really think you could learn that from a book? And even if you could, why would you want to? A business presentation is not a beauty contest, it’s about persuasion.

This book was written for business presenters who face tough, discriminating audiences. The focus is on substance and impact. It is ideal for managers who present to no-nonsense bosses, salespeople who present to doubting prospects, entrepreneurs who present to venture capitalists, and lawyers who present to judges, juries, and government bodies. It can help financial planners present to high net worth clients, and environmental activists present to Congressional committees. It can help you sell products and services, tangibles and intangibles, ideas, causes, policies, and visions. The ideas in this book will also work wonders for teachers, trainers, keynote speakers, and seminar presenters.

This book will help you

• Understand and connect with your audience

• Overcome stage fright and exude confidence

• Grab people’s attention from the start

• Develop a clear, powerful, and persuasive message

• Craft a compelling and memorable money phrase

• Structure your presentation to achieve your objective

• Frame alternatives to get the results you want

• Win them over even when they’re against you

• Develop a professional stage presence

• Harness the power of words, pictures, and stories

• Master the language techniques of the world’s most electrifying speakers

• Use humor and props to keep your audience fully engaged

• Design eye-popping slides

• Master the Q&A session and have the last word

• Use powerful psychological principles to be irresistibly persuasive
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