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Fast Mimicking Diet

It's a known fact that 3/4 of Americans are likely to be overweight by the end of every year. As of 2018, about 73.6% of the population aged 20 and above are overweight and obese.

A lot of people want to avoid joining the statistics, so they are motivated to get in shape. There are plenty of ways a person can avoid becoming one of the statistics. This mostly involves having a more active and dedicated healthy lifestyle.

In this guide, you navigate and have a better understanding of what this particular dieting method is all about and how you can try to follow it.

Typically, one of the most preferred methods of diet programs is to lose weight while still consuming and enjoying the food. This type of diet sort of provides that experience.

The guide helps you to understand how best to go about the diet. By reading this, you will know:

What a fast-mimicking diet is all about

The difference between FMD and intermittent fasting

How it aids in slowing down aging and losing weight

The benefits of the FMD

Foods to eat when doing the FMD
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