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Ruth Dugdall

The Sacrificial Man

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A clever, sophisticated, psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, S.J. Watson, B A Paris and Sophie Hannah
'Utterly chilling and enthralling from the first line to the last' Karen Maitland
What I want to say is that suicide is my choice. No-one else is to blame. Man seeks beautiful woman for the journey of a lifetime: Will you help me to die?
When Probation Officer Cate Austin is given her new assignment, she faces the highest-profile case of her career. Alice Mariani is charged with assisted suicide and Cate must recommend a sentence.
Alice insists her story is one of misinterpreted love, forcing those around her to analyse their own lives. Who is to decide what is normal and when does loyalty turn to obsession?
Investigating the loophole that lies between murder and euthanasia, Cate must now meet the woman who agreed to comply with her lover's final request. Shocking revelations expose bitter truths that can no longer be ignored.
What Reviewers and Readers Say
‘An unflinching journey, chilling and insightful, into the darker reaches of the human mind.’ Michelle Spring
‘The final twist is stunning.’ Online blogger Fleur Fisher
‘This is not just a crime novel or a psychological thriller. I like that. Ian Rankin chose to be a crime novelist because he realised that a detective was the perfect tool to prise open the lid of society. He’s a serious novelist masquerading as a crime fiction writer and I believe the same is true of Ruth Dugdall.’ Jim Murdoch, author and blogger
‘Those who have read the debut novel and expect a sucker punch twist in the tale will not be disappointed, Dugdall bowls a googlie you surely cannot expect coming.’ Shotsmag
I had shivers at the end… it was refreshing to read a modern crime novel with a younger, female, detective, and the insight in the probation service was fascinating.’ ForBooksSake
‘The book is not straightforward for as soon as the reader thinks that they know where it is leading, Ruth Dugdall throws a curve to keep you guessing. The characters are real and three dimensional — they walk among us… a must read novel.’ BrokenTrails
‘The book is heartily recommended… and the author is one to watch.’ The Bookbag
‘Dugdall challenges our preconceptions on just about every emotive topic out there. Bold and clever in her storytelling, she forces a spotlight into the darkest corners of humanity.’ The Truth About Books
‘I’d highly recommend The Sacrificial Man. It is one of the most enjoyable books I have read in a long time. The plotting is excellent and the books easy to read nature while touching on so many dark subjects make it a must-read.’ Books you Love
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    Very captivating!

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    “Yes, I could see her as a bully.” Cate herself had felt Alice’s intimidating presence. “But is she dangerous?”
    “That depends. If a person feels beyond the law, if they feel justified in everything they do, and if they lack empathy, then they can be very dangerous indeed.”
    Cate took a breath, and thought she should have seen this coming.
  • lynne72072compartió una citahace 8 años
    It struck me as quite a typical presentation of the symptoms.”
    There was a pause on the line, but Cate found herself momentarily unable to fill it. “What other traits would she have if she’s got egomania?”
    “One is envy of others. They’re highly exploitative people, they can sniff out other people’s weaknesses like rats. In work situations they’re often high achievers but also bullies.
  • lynne72072compartió una citahace 8 años
    “Not a huge amount. But she did go to some lengths to protect her parents. I think she cares about their feelings.”
    “She needs to show five traits to be diagnosed. Even if she has empathy, her need for excessive admiration is obvious from the way she talks. She showed a great deal of arrogance, demanding what right I had to judge her.

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