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Remy Blue

Blood Unforgiven

With the current passing of her mother Dorena, highborn vampire, Lilian of the Chilian House must reaffirm her grasp on her vampire-demon lands. After the passing of Dorena, three items from her mother's magical vault go missing. Lilian must find all three and uncovers one of them. Lilian clashes with the other ancient vampire houses, from her mother's bad blood with many of them except two. With the disappearance of the two powerful magical items, old foes, allies and mysteries are related to her mother's late passing and mystic vault.
An unconventional lover comes back into her life to protect her, named Razavan. Lilian is unsure of his motives, as he was banished from his ancient vampire house to protect her's. She must retain her control and show herself as a strong leader among the vampire-demon high society. Razavan's younger brother, Victor has motives of his own as he seeks to destroy the Chilian house. Both brothers clash with one another, as they are the end of the spectrum of fighting for what they believe in.One for love and the other for secrets unknown. Lilian and Razavan reaffirm their love for one another as time goes by with all the events happening. Lilian leans to her knight, Razavan for comfort and support.
More mysteries set before as betrayals become evident behind the vampire houses because of Dorena's past connected to all of them. The darkness grows darker as the truth slowly unveils itself for Lilian about her mother's past, the other houses and her origins. Lilian and Razavan must seek out who is the culprit behind the missing two powerful items, yet who can she trust, for blood runs thick and can't be unforgiven no matter what.
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