Remy Blue

Damaged Waters: The Dark Mark

The Weird Sisters, Penelope, Bethany, and Rose, open the gateway to Avalon. The Weird Sisters express that Lord Oberon and Tatianna will come to their world. The veil breaks and magic releases upon the town, revealing the secondary nature of the people, who are Children of Third Race or better yet known as Sidhe, fairy folk. Emily, Jaden, and David try to getaway. Mora and Molly’s true nature is revealed as Banshees and they disappear. Jaden carries an unconscious David to the car with Emily following them. Many of the people around town turn into creatures from the myths. They flee and Emily tells him to go to the old church answers. They get there and meet with Father Wilson who tells them that the curse upon the Cummings line is in full view. The nature of the curse comes full force as Father Wilson reveals that it all leads to David as being the last Cummings heir. David wakes up and has trouble with the knowledge that Mora is a banshee and his tormentor.

Many creatures soon realize they can’t leave the town because of the veil being broken but that there is a fairy covenant involved that obstructs anyone leaving. Emily leaves with Father Wilson and confronts the elders’ council about the town. Emily withholds information from them and the elders don’t trust her. David and Jaden set out to protect the town, he reveals to the detective a startling secret that shifts their friendship into a desolate place, where they could never come back from. Jaden now sees David as an enemy and Mora, the banshee. David tries to make sense of his relationship with Mora and where he stands with her. Emily turns to Mrs. Shoe as she knows more about her family’s past. Mrs. Shoe and Emily try to track down more information about the past and learn to respect one another as they were once enemies. Molly tries to convince Mora about David won’t accept her but she prevails against her. Mora seeks out David who avoids her trying to understand himself more and more. Mora reveals her true nature to David and he slowly comes to terms with his feelings for her. David accepts both Mora and the banshee. They rekindle their relationship and romance having it to become stronger than ever as they face the crisis in town. Mora reveals to David that the knowledge behind the curse is lost to time. She shows him the past revealing the complexities of the curse involving the Cummings line back to Scotland with his ancestor Roth and Alisa.

Many troubles arise as betrayals, deaths, and love become the root of the pact through sequences of events layering the pact the two lovers and Alisa. Roth’s own family members have hidden intents to ensure their own desires; however, the seer as well to strengthen the pact with her own magic for her own gain. She gets trapped into the cave and it can only be opened by a Cummings, thus goes back to the beginning of the tale of the banshee coming to the town to seek revenge in the present. After shocking reveals, David accepts the past and understands why she did what she did. David and Mora make love and vow to remain with one another. Things being to fall in place as David and Mora soon realize that there is more to the curse and the cycle of the Cummings must be saved or destroyed. They express their love for one another and try to fight against the curse.
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