Sophie Morris

Sophie Kooks Month by Month December

'Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. Friends and family all flock home for a few weeks and there are endless parties and gatherings to go to, where you can catch up and laugh away together into the early hours. The other fantastic thing about Christmas is that it's the one time of year that we all allow ourselves to indulge in an enormous amount of gorgeously rich and delicious food. There are some lovely festive recipes in this chapter to enjoy with your nearest and dearest.' Sophie
Enjoy gorgeous December recipes, including:Sausages and Lentils with Baby Leaf Salad and HoneyCranberry and Coconut FlorentinesChristmassy Red Velvet CupcakesPan-Fried Fillet Steak with Spinach and Potato GratinThrow-it-all-in FrittataJessie's Gooey Hot Choc PudHoney-Roasted Duck with Creamy Parsnips and GravyGuard's Pudding
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