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Tiffany Reisz

The Siren

Notorious Nora Sutherlin is famous for her delicious works of erotica, each one more popular with readers than the last. But her latest manuscript is different--more serious, more personal--and she's sure it'll be her breakout book…if it ever sees the light of day.Zachary Easton holds Nora's fate in his well-manicured hands. The demanding British editor agrees to handle the book on one condition: he wants complete control. Nora must rewrite the entire novel to his exacting standards--in six weeks--or it's no deal.Nora's grueling writing sessions with Zach are draining…and shockingly arousing. And a dangerous former lover has her wondering which is more torturous--staying away from him…or returning to his bed?Nora thought she knew everything about being pushed to your limits. But in a world where passion is pain, nothing is ever that simple.
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Harlequin, MIRA
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    👍Me gustó


    Krista Jarolancompartió una citahace 3 años
    n S&M, if you’re about to give someone a beating, you start off soft to desensitize the skin. A little pain at first can prevent a lot of pain later.”
    b7543072409compartió una citahace 4 años
    Show, don’t tell,” she said, taking his arm
    b7543072409compartió una citahace 4 años
    The only thing. I think. Suffice it to say Grace and I never should have been together to start with.”

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