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E. M. Forster

Aspects of the Novel

Aspects of the Novel is a book compiled from a series of lectures delivered by E. M. Forster at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1927, in which he discussed the English language novel. By using examples from classic texts, he highlights the seven universal aspects of the novel: story, characters, plot, fantasy, prophecy, pattern, and rhythm. Essays included in the book are following: I. Introductory II. The Story III. The People IV. The People (continued) V. The Plot VI. Fantasy VII. Prophecy VIII. Pattern and Rhythm IX. Conclusion
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    Here we must conclude our comparison of those two allied species, Homo Sapiens and Homo Fictus. Homo Fictus is more elusive than his
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    Their clothes will not take off, the diseases that ravage them are anonymous, like the sources of their income, their servants are noiseless or resemble themselves, no social explanation of the world we know is possible for them, for there are no stupid people in their world, no barriers of language, and no poor.
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    Let us distinguish between the prophet and the non-prophet.

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