Knut Hamsun

Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920 "for his monumental work, Growth of the Soil". He insisted that the intricacies of the human mind ought to be the main object of modern literature, to describe the "whisper of the blood, and the pleading of the bone marrow". Hamsun pursued his literary program, debuting in 1890 with the psychological novel Hunger.
vida del autor: 4 Agosto 1859 19 Febrero 1952



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The tears are on the point of coming to my eyes, and I advanced a step to tell him how heartily I appreciated him, for all he had taught me, and to beg him not to hurt me
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Something stirred in my brain, a thought that bored its way in there--a stark-mad notion.
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"Oh yes; now too. It is a splendid thing to exist sometimes."
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