Tony Gaschler

Learn while you sleep. Quickly, simply and effectively

Everything that you want to or have to learn can be learned for the most part while you sleep, whether learning languages or any other kind of knowledge.

Usually we allow ourselves eight hours' sleep a night. By the time you are celebrating your 60th birthday, you will have spent about 20 years in bed.

Don't restrict your learning to the daytime — use the night for learning, too!

Without damaging your health or your well-being, you can now use part of this time to deepen and strengthen your knowledge and skills considerably.

There are no limits placed on your learning objectives, here are just a few examples:

— learn foreign languages and vocabulary
— improve your grammatical knowledge
— prepare for exams
— practise formulas
— deepen your specialist knowledge

Learning more, for example in the area of foreign languages, is also of great importance for advanced learners. You can perfect your language knowledge of style, expression, grammatical combinations and word order.

When it is possible to store texts to be learnt in your subconscious while you are asleep, it is also possible to fix suggestions there. In a specific sleep sequence, receptivity for suggestions is particularly good. This sequence is optimally used to remove negative habits and inhibitory patterns of behaviour and to replace these with positive characteristics. The possibilities here are also very varied, here are just some examples:

— improving memory
— weight loss in the case of overweight
— strengthening self-confidence and self-awareness
— improving performance and stamina
— strength, relaxation and inner peace

The text book “Learn while you sleep” provides you with the most useful examples of pre-defined sleep suggestions for your individual adaptation.
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