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Robin Sacredfire

Telepathy: What You Need to Know about Mind Reading and Unconscious Patterns in Social Interactions, to Develop Your Conscience and Achieve a Higher Awareness

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Telepathy is a reality and exists in the relation between all living things, from the eggs we buy in the supermarket to the plants of our house, and obviously including humans and animals in general, which, due to an absence of cultural and linguistic programming, are much more sensitive than human beings to such experiences, which many of us generally do not even notice. For although it is true that a dog can be trained to go get a certain object when he learns to recognize the sound of the word that identifies it, in the vast majority of the cases, the dog identifies the image that we mentally project when verbalizing the word.

It’s important to know this phenomenon, because it affects our subconscious all the time. According to Carl Jung, synchronism is a phenomenon linked to processes of the unconscious, in which the deeper layers of the unconscious of man rest in the collective unconscious, a structure common to all men and in which all experience is shared. In other words, it is the collective patrimony of humanity that intervenes in the individual unconscious, namely, in our dreams, delusions, tales, myths, and even religions.

In some cases, this phenomenon is more visible. The explorer Vuilleminot lived long months among the aborigines of Australia, whose way of life is of the neolithic type, and he observed that there telepathy was a current practice, a habitual communication. On the other hand, and according to A. E. Talbert, for the Armed Forces of the United States, it is indispensable to know whether the energy emitted by a human brain can influence, by thousands of miles away, another human brain. The amplification of these phenomena may also provide a new means of communication between the submarines and the mainland, and one day perhaps even between ships traveling in interplanetary space and the Earth.

In short, and according to Webster, telepathy
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    nothing exists, nothing happens in the visible sky that is not felt in a mysterious way by the faculties of the Earth and Nature:
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    According to Carl Jung, synchronism is a phenomenon linked to processes of the unconscious, in which the deeper layers of the unconscious of man rest in the collective unconscious, a structure common to all men and in which all experience is shared.

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