The Little Shop of Afternoon Delights, Nikki Moore, Zara Stoneley, Kathy Jay, Jane Linfoot, Sue Fortin, Sarah Lefebve
Nikki Moore,Zara Stoneley,Kathy Jay,Jane Linfoot,Sue Fortin,Sarah Lefebve

The Little Shop of Afternoon Delights

A six-book collection of delicious romance tales, which fans of Jenny Colgan and Jenny Oliver will love.
Featuring Kathy Jay’s brilliant novel WHAT IF HE’S THE ONE, Nikki Moore’s unputdownable CRAZY, UNDERCOVER, LOVE, Jane Linfoot’s superbly sexy THE RIGHT SIDE OF MR WRONG, Sue Fortin’s deliciously sexy UNITED STATES OF LOVE, STABLE MATES by the brilliant Zara Stoneley and Sarah Lefebve’s wonderfully crafted rom-com THE PARK BENCH TEST, this is a fun-filled, bite-sized collection of romantic delights!
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