Randy Charach

Client Centric

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Client Centric lays the groundwork for entrepreneurs, sales, and service professionals to systemize and expand their business. The author of this book is Randy Charach, a self-made multi-millionaire. Randy's eclectic background as an entrepreneur and entertainer provides decades of time-tested principles based on focusing on your client's needs.
Your customer relations, and how it affects your business is the central theme. The message of the book is how the client experience begins with a person's first exposure to your brand and maintains its importance throughout the lifetime of the relationship.
Client Centric is composed of three parts: MINDSET, MESSAGE + MARKETING. Each part builds upon the next with practical direction for implementation. The parts are further broken down into chapters as follows.
Chapter 1: Your Mindset
Chapter 2: Client Mindset
Chapter 3: Your Brand Voice
Chapter 4: Your Amazing Story
Chapter 5: Influence 
Chapter 6: Persuasion 
Client Centric is a fun, easy and entertaining read, packed full consumer behavior insights and actionable advice. It presents a unique and common-sense approach to sales, marketing, and business building.
These Best-Selling Authors Agree, «Client Centric is a MUST READ«.
«This powerful, practical book teaches you the inner game of success, how to unlock your true sales potential, and how to make more sales, faster and easier than ever before.»
- Brian Tracy, author of Advanced Selling Skills
«A mind-expanding book explaining the secrets of hypnotic influence. Easy reading, easy to implement, and easy to get more sales with it.»
- Dr. Joe Vitale, author of Hypnotic Writing
«I encourage anyone wishing to apply millionaire thinking to their business to read Client Centric. It provides a unique approach to marketing and wealth building.»
- T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
«Anyone doing business in our new economy will benefit from these lessons. Simple ways to leverage your customer’s experience to generate a lot more business.»
Joel Comm, author of Twitter Power

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