Gregory Allen

Courting Her, A Femdom Novel

ÒÉ if her eyes had him captured, her smile enslaved himÉÓ Even during their first encounter, the sexy coed Kimberly has Alex wrapped around her little finger. As one date leads to the next, heÕs so smitten with the lovely female that he barely notices her dominant command of their budding relationship. However, when he carelessly puts his feet on the coffee table and fails to remove them when she asks, he gets his rude wake-up call! Ordered to strip and crawl over her lap for a punishment spanking, he may burn with humiliation, but his desire for the daunting female only increases. He pleasures her twice, spends the night with her naked in his bed, but he gets nothing for himself. And when he timidly registers his complaints, Kimberly quickly spins the conversation in a different direction. Before he knows it, Alex has agreed to give the little vixen absolute control of his sexual release. HeÕs forbidden to come without her permission, something sheÕll dole out sparsely. Later, after she ÔqueensÕ him for the first time, sitting on his face for oral sex, she announces quite proudly that sheÕs now become his Mistress. Courting Mistress Kimberly becomes a lengthy lesson in submission for Alex, as heÕs required to focus his entire attention into becoming her worthy servant, while getting very little pleasure in return. HeÕs at her beck and call, serves her slavishly, cleaning her apartment in a girly apron, and taking her rough punishment when he fails to meet her exacting standards. If heÕs to get any sexual satisfaction from the relationship it will be on her terms, by her rules and only after heÕs devotedly served her and she finds him worthy.
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