Jennifer Lynne,Gisele Lily

Feminized Sissy Husband’s Cross Dressing Experience

Dressed in a red silk dress, stockings and heels by my wife, my feminized alter-ego Gisele Lily takes her very first trip to an adult movie cinema…

As my wife stays outside, I experience alone the horny delights of the hot young studs inside, there to watch the action on screen and play with a hot, sissy, cross dressing husband sent in by his wife.

And so, I take my first taste of sexy fun in my female guise, enjoying the attentions of one hunky young guy in particular, who is especially turned on by my seductive, silken attire and the sexy, smooth skin at my stockinng tops.

Incredibly hot!  7,300 words of superlative CD, bisesxual action.
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