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J.L. Jarvis

Lost Bride

Born centuries apart, they found love — but how could they find a future?

When Lucy Buchanan arrives at the altar for her wedding, she is devastated to discover that her groom has called off the marriage. Desperate to escape the pitying stares, she flees into the woods and discovers a mysterious stone chamber. When she steps through it, Lucy finds herself in 1746 Scotland where she’s almost trampled by a horse — only to be rescued by Rory Munro, the son of a wealthy Highland laird.

Betrayed in the past, Rory guards his heart closely. But as the two work together to unravel the mystery of how she can return to her own time, Rory finds himself drawn to Lucy. Yet falling in love will only sharpen the pain when they part. As their love grows, Lucy must face the reality of returning home and leaving Rory behind forever.

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