Body Fat Breakthrough: Lose Fat Build Muscle, Peter Kornfeld
Peter Kornfeld

Body Fat Breakthrough: Lose Fat Build Muscle

Body Fat Breakthrough: Lose Fat Build Muscle is a practical introductory guide to help you gain the tools to get skinny permanently. Peter Kornfeld helps you understand why you need fat, the different types of fat, and how to make better choices that are going help you hit your weight loss goals quickly, gain energy, deter disease, and live your life with your glass half full!
FAT KILLS – Don’t let it steal from you!
*UNDERSTAND the different types of fat
*LEARN how much fat you need
*KNOW where to get good fat *GAIN CONTROL of your fat and life
*SUCCEED in reaching your weight loss goals and stay there
Body Fat Breakthrough is the tool you need to get slim, healthy, and happy. Let's get started!
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