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Rumi And His Sufi Path Of Love

This collection of articles by artists, philosophers, psychologists, and social scientists explores the Sufi tradition and its best-known teacher, Rumi, a 13th-century poet, jurist, and philosopher. Setting aside the standard account of Rumi as a poet of mystic love, these contributors view his writings in a historical context, investigating Sufism's ties to Islam and the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad and tracing Rumi's influence on Persian and Turkish literature. The reasons why Sufism has transcended national boundaries and sectarian strife so successfully are also debated, and several contributors recommend the Sufi message of faith, love, and tolerance as a useful common ground for dialogue between religious groups.
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    A bird that tries hard to fly higher and higher will never reach the heaven, but every single moment it will soar from the earth and fly higher than all the other birds
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    My work with patients has proven that the concept of “pretending thankfulness,” which may appear somewhat strange, in practice brings about very interesting results
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    In man, there are two great signs: one is knowledge, the other is altruism. Some have knowledge but no altruism. Some have altruism but no knowledge. Glory to the possessors of both

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