Rick Wilber


From the award-winning author of Alien Morning, nine science fiction/fantasy stories of everyday people grappling extraordinary circumstances.
Witness seemingly ordinary people as they confront their fears and embrace their challenges on a near-future Earth or an alternate-history past or even on a far distant alien world . . .
— A single dad of a daughter with Down-syndrome considers what his life and career might have been as a parent and a pro football player in some alternate reality.
— A young girl on an isolated Florida island discovers that her quirky grandparents are even stranger than she thought.
— A high-school basketball player confronts the ghosts of her past.
— A young woman struggles to make peace with the horrors of her forgotten childhood.
— An elderly woman slides into dementia even as she finds some essential truths that were lost in the hazy mists of her memory.
— A baseball player becomes a spy during an alternate-history version of World War II, where he plays a pivotal role in stopping the Nazi war machine.
A powerful and poignant collection of memorable stories from an award-winning storyteller, Rambunctious: Nine Tales of Determination is charming, action-packed, frightening, and thoughtful by turn.
Praise for Rambunctious
“A major collection from what it's high past time to admit is one of our major writers. Wilber writes with literate flair, compassion, and a deep understanding of human psychology. Highly recommended!” —Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award–winning author of The Oppenheimer Alternative
“Wilber draws you in through his compassion for his characters and his keen eye for the familiar, and then he slips you sideways into places startlingly new, beautiful, and true. You finish these stories entertained, to be sure, but moved as well, and with your perspective forever widened.” —Gregory Norman Bossert, World Fantasy Award–winning author
 “Wilber’s voice [has] a kind of authority and compassion that have helped him carve out a niche identifiably his own.” —Locus
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