Thomas Ligotti

Thomas Ligotti (born July 9, 1953) is a contemporary American horror author and reclusive literary cult figure. His writings, while unique in style, have been noted as major continuations of several literary genres – most prominently Lovecraftian horror – and have overall been described as works of "philosophical horror", often written as philosophical novels with a "darker" undertone which is similar to gothic fiction. The Washington Post called him "the best kept secret in contemporary horror fiction"; another critic declared "It's a skilled writer indeed who can suggest a horror so shocking that one is grateful it was kept offstage."


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“There has never been and never will be a time in which to produce children. Now will forever be a bad time for doing that.”
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you are nothing but a human puppet.
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We know that nature has veered into the supernatural by fabricating a creature that cannot and should not exist by natural law, and yet does.
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