Marilyn Fae

Captive Angel

There is a secret that only the most powerful of men are allowed to know, something— or rather, someone an Alpha Werewolf doesn't want to share, but has no problem showing off.

Magnus knows he's being selfish, keeping his angel all to himself, isolating her from the world and forbidding anyone from even looking at her twice. But she's such a precious little thing, white wings spread out behind her, golden curls on her head and lithe body perched so beautifully on his lap as she parts her lovely, lush lips and urges him to feed her faster.

Sweet, innocent thing.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Watching her eat has always been a hidden pleasure of his. She shows her happiness so openly, relishing every bite, every texture and taste. If she likes something, it's written in the way her entire face lights up and she's always so grateful for the food, a remnant of her life before. He has never let her go hungry.

Her pink cheeks bulge when he plies her fruits and sweet and she doesn't even notice he's stuffing her faster than she can swallow just so he can watch her struggle with swallowing it all down. So trusting.

“Chew, baby bird,” he hums, holding her close to his chest.

He's careful to be there for every important milestone of her like. Not that it's hard when he's the only one there for all her milestones. He keeps her close, a princess locked up in a tower for her own good. Except she's not really locked up. He gives her free reign of the grounds surrounding their sizable mansion and she's allowed to explore the surrounding forests as long as she doesn't go beyond the barriers.

It's for her own good, really.

He knew she was something special from the first time he laid eyes on her.

To think he almost lost her because he'd listen to some hack about how she needed 'other people' in her life. Clearly she's safest when she's with him. He rubs his thumbs against the juts of her hips and thinks of increasing her dairy calories intake. Then again, she's always lithe and small, more bird than human in some manner.

She licks her lips and stares wistfully at the empty plate in front of her, looking ready to lick the bottom of the plate if he's not right there.

“Are you full, darling?” he asks, letting his mouth rest close to her ear, his voice a rumbling purr. He's rewarded by a full body shudder. She's so reactive.

“I guess so,” she says, a blush climbing back up her face now that she's no longer distracted by food. She's nervous and unsure, but sated and content after a hearty meal. She had reacted so beautifully in the bedroom earlier. She smells so lovely and he knows she will smell even lovelier after he claims her for real. After a second, she wriggles on his lap and murmurs, “Thank you, Daddy.”
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