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Sold To The Viking Warrior: Knocked Up

When a group of vikings attack her quiet seaside village and carry her off as a prize, Clarissa's life is changed forever. She expects the worse, but as she is brought onto their ship and she watches her village and the last remnants of her previous life fade into the distance, she is told the real reason she has been captured.

Excepting a life as a thrall, she is shocked to be brought before King Bjord, the leader of the vikings who gives her a simple choice — submit to him and bear his child, or return to her village. If she chooses to give in, it's clear that Bjord will take her rough, hard, and unprotected as she is stretched to the max.
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    She did not know that it was so easy to gain power over a man, his pleasure being caused by her.
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    fit in the tip
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    could with their children towards Clarissa. The men had armed themselves with whatever could be remotely used as a weapon, and were busy making a barricade in front of the village, facing the coast. “What’s going on?” she called to one of the
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