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Introducing Modernism

Modernism is usually thought of as a shock wave of innovations hitting art, architecture, music, cinema and literature — the work of Picasso, Joyce, Schoenberg, movements like Futurism and Dada, the architecture of Le Corbusier, T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland and the avant-garde theatre of Bertolt Brecht or Samuel Beckett. But what really defines modernism? Why did it begin and how long did it last? Is Modernism over now? Chris Rodriguez and Chris Garratt's brilliant graphic guide is a brilliant exploration of the last century's most thrilling artistic work — and what it's really all about.
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    Such isms – indeed modernism itself – provide clues to the “spirit of the age’’, the Zeitgeist as it’s often called. Modernism expresses the new energies sweeping through from the late 19th century onwards – the revolutionary potentials opened up by Marx, Freud, Nietzsche and others
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    edia notoriety is crucial.
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    Advertising, particularly in the USA, transformed itself from a mere commercial accessory to a key industry in its own right. And not just an industry, but a medium for constructing and representing a world of desires, aspirations and surrogate identities.

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