Rebecca Hunter

One More Night

He was everything she never wanted
and everything she craved

Four nights
Three cities
Two people, running from the past
Will one more night ever be enough?

No-nonsense Alice O’Connor came to Stockholm for work, not to fall in love. But when she meets the elusive author Jonas Hällström, they both let their guards down for one sexy night. And one night turns into more.

Jonas has a darker past, the kind of past Alice has sworn off. The kind she has every reason to be afraid of. Can she reconcile the things he’s done with the man who makes her come alive?
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    Rebecca Huntercompartió su opiniónhace 4 años

    Stockholm. Paris. New York. And Stockholm again.

    Each city has its own feel as the off-the-charts chemistry between Alice and Jonas grows stronger.


    hkmmasicompartió una citael año pasado
    Wait. Was this…? The grainy photo on the back of his books didn’t do him justice. He was a lot bigger, especially up close.

    “Jonas Hällström?”

    He froze. His eyes darted across her face for a moment before he relaxed.

    “Yes,” he said slowly. “I’m surprised you recognized me.”

    Alice swallowed and tucked a rebellious lock of hair behind her ear. For ten years she had succeeded in being the kind of woman who didn’t look twice at a guy like Jonas. A guy with sexy, dark eyes and a deep voice who looked like he could beat the crap out of anyone in the room. Shit. Apparently, she still hadn’t rid herself of her taste for dangerous men.

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