Lisa Mulaton

Boxed In: A BBW MC Erotic Drama

Erica's been hiding a horrible secret for far too long. Her MC member boyfriend, Dean, has been beating her and isolating her from her friends for years. All that changes in the blink of an eye when after a particularly bad night she calls up Jax, her friend from way back. He comes over and takes her to the hospital, and next thing Erica knows she is being protected, loved, and made love to by Jax constantly as he fights Dean, and the crooked police who want to arrest Jax for what he does to defend Erica. Dean isn't the type of rider to give up though, and soon Erica finds out just how far Jax is willing to go to protect her…

Dean's a thug, Jax is a professional boxer, and Erica doesn't know who she is anymore. This is an erotic novel with themes of a BBW woman and a dominant alpha male, with lots of drama.
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