Steven Sanders

The Philosophy of Science Fiction Film

Thought-provoking essays on movies from Metropolis to The Matrix.
The science fiction genre, through films such as Blade Runner, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and The Terminator, not only entertains us but makes us think—about the implications of new technologies, the parameters and possibilities of space and time, and, in the age of artificial intelligence and robotics, the meaning of humanity itself.
The Philosophy of Science Fiction Film explores the storylines, conflicts, and themes of fifteen science fiction film classics. Editor Steven M. Sanders and a group of outstanding scholars in philosophy, film studies, and other fields raise science fiction film criticism to a new level by penetrating the surfaces of the films to expose the underlying philosophical arguments, ethical perspectives, and metaphysical views.
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    The replicants in Blade Runner and most of the inhabitants of Dark City illustrate complex philosophical questions about the relationship between mind and body, as well as the role played by memory, on the one hand, and the emotions and desires, on the other, in our understanding of human life.
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    Blade Runner also suggests that it is not the cognitive aspect of memory that is the uniquely defining feature of humans but rather the emotional aspect. The Tyrell Corporation seems to have anticipated that this is the real long-term problem for its replicants, hence their four-year lifespans
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    How central is memory in establishing human identity? Arguably, memory is essential for coherent, ongoing action. If you can't remember who you know or what you value, how will you be able to decide what to do? Not to mention, if you don't remember who you are, how will you be able to make any practical decisions except as contingent responses to circumstances you don't fully understand?

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