10 Real Tests – Perfect Toefl Integrated Writing Task, Miracel Griff
Miracel Griff

10 Real Tests – Perfect Toefl Integrated Writing Task

Do you find it hard to improve your TOEFL writing score?
Do you find it frustrating when you have nothing to write?
Do you find it useless after you have memorized so many writing templates?
Do you find it boring to read those dull writing books?
Here comes the gooooood news!

This book is written by teacher, together with foreign writing experts, especially for the benefits of TOEFL candidates. It covers 10 real integrated writing tasks from TOEFL iBT (2010–2012) and the corresponding sample essays composed by foreign experts.

The real tests and the sample essays act as a compass, enabling you to gauge directions in seas of practices, approach the real TOELF iBT writing, learn from authentic English, and master effective skills for high score essays.
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