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Elon Musk

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    sure, Elon did not buckle down. He was determined to make things work. The success of Falcon 1’s fourth launch gave him a sense of optimism, and he had to ensure that Tesla met the same success. His relationship with Talulah Riley had blossomed and in 2010 they married. Without a doubt, finding new love in his life was the silver lining in Elon’s cloud. He was now more determined than ever to bring SpaceX and Tesla Motors to the forefront.
    Model S
    The Tesla Roadster was a luxury car, which despite immense criticism was slowly gaining traction. Many celebrities had purchased the Tesla Roadster. However, Tesla Motors still had to capture the mainstream eye – and to do this, they had to ensure their next model would appeal to a wider audience, outside of the rich and elite celebrities. The Model S was launched on June 22, 2012. As a sedan, this model would serve a more practical purpose than the Roadster and would appeal to a wider audience. It was a well-crafted revenge on his critics, as Elon Musk must have felt immense glee as he witnessed the success of the Model S. In its first year, the Model S became the highest selling electric car in all countries where it was sold. This feat continued in 2015 and 2016, and in 2017, it was second only to the Nissan Leaf.
    The Model S silenced the critics, and with its warm reception, Elon made it known that like
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    The third was relatively new, but its eventual influence on humanity would be incredible: The Internet and the World Wide Web. Elon and Kimbal did not set out to reinvent the wheel, rather they wanted to see how they could use the Internet to provide an existing service to a wider audience.
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    Sustainable energy and space exploration were two of his ideas.
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    Upon completion of his undergraduate degrees, he moved to California to attend Stanford University for further studies.
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    began to wonder what would affect the future of humanity.
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    While this may seem unimpressive in today’s context, it was a big feat for a young child from Pretoria.
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    embedded into his DNA
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