Kathline Carr

Miraculum Monstrum

• Select packaged ARC mailing 4–6 months pre pub date to a list of 50+ reviewers, booksellers, media contacts, professors, and librarians (package includes 1–2 other titles in the B list category from the same season that fit together in some way), focused on art and experimental fiction publications and blogs
• Individualized ARC and/or finished copy mailings to 30–50 of author’s requested personal or professional contacts
• Awards submissions
• Advertising budget of $250 (for select B list titles)
• Programming author in Red Hen’s East Coast and West Coast events series
• Featured signing slot at Red Hen’s Association of Writers and Writing Programs annual booth
• Inclusion in Red Hen’s online and print catalog
• Sharing of author/book news and events on Red Hen’s social and digital media platforms
• Encouraging the author to hold a national tour; write articles for pitching; reach out to book clubs; reach out to MFA programs for course adoption; create discussion questions; set up radio interviews around each event; visit and build relationships with local bookstores and libraries; send eblasts to personal contacts asking for Goodreads and Amazon reviews, visits to local bookstores encouraging an IndieNext List nomination, advance copies purchases, and sharing about the book to their networks; have an active website and social media presence.
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