Justin Lierman

The Big Book Of Disney Trivia Questions

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Welcome to The Big Book Of Disney Trivia Questions the best question and answer trivia book on everything Disney. From what is the name of Jasmine’s pet tiger in Aladdin to What is the only year (during the 1990's) that Disney did not release a full length feature animation? With over 1,750 Disney trivia questions this book will surely keep any Disney fan occupied for hours. With questions on many of Disney’s most memorable movies to questions on Walt Disney himself this book will have young children to the most seasoned Disney expert scratching their heads trying to get the right answers! This book is a great way to keep kids occupied for hours on end, it can also be used at Disney themed parties and events. Adults will also love testing their memories of childhood Disney movies they grew up on.

Now is the time to strap on your thinking cap and test your knowledge of everything Disney. Welcome to the magic kingdom of trivia!
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