Terry David John Pratchett

Discworld 19 - Feet of Clay

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Is It Frightening To Be Free?'

'You said it.'

'You Say To People Throw Off Your Chains And They Make New Chains For Themselves?'

'Seems to be a major human activity, yes.'

Dorfl rumbled as he thought about this
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What's it mean?'

'Today Is A Good Day For Someone Else To Die!'

The golem watched the dwarf incuriously, like an elephant watching an attack by a rogue chicken.

Then it picked the axe out of the air, Cheri trailing behind it like a comet, and hurled it aside.

Angua hauled Carrot to his feet. Blood dripped from his hand. She tried to shut her nostrils. Full moon tomorrow. No more choices.

'Maybe we can reason with it—' Carrot started.

'Attention! This is the real world calling!' shouted Angua
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'Give him his pint of beer and a plate of whatever those things with toenails were and he seems as happy as a pig in muck.'

'I think that's somewhat insulting.'

Tm sorry.'

'I've known some splendid pigs.'

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'My point is that, in some strange way, he attracts people.'

'Like a public hanging.'

There was a period of reflective silence
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Then laughter exploded in the group as a whole.

Nobby basked.

'Then there's the
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You know it, sir?'

'Should do. I was born in that street,' said Vimes. 'It's down below the Shades. Easy... Easy... Yes ,...ow I remember. There was a Mrs Easy down the road. Skinny woman. Did a lot of sewing. Big family. Well, we were all big families, it was the only way to keep warm...'
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'I'm staying with my Uncle Armstrangler,' said Cheery. 'It's not very nice there. People talk about mining most of the time.'

'Don't you?'

'There's not a lot you can say about mining. I mine in my mine and what's mine is mine, ' said Cheery in a singsong voice. 'And then they go on about gold which, frankly, is a lot duller than people think.'

'I thought dwarfs loved gold,' said Angua.

They just say that to get it into bed.'

'Are you sure you're a dwarf? Sorry. That was a joke.'

'There must be more interesting things. Hair. Clothes. People.'

'Good grief. You mean girl talk?

'I don't know, I've never talked
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No, you don't understand,' said Carrot. 'I mean he wrote them because they were the only ones he knew that worked...'

'Worked how?'

'Well... you know the kiss of life?' said Carrot. 'I mean first aid? I know you know, Nobby. You came with me when they had that course at the YMPA.'

'I only went 'cos you said you got a free cup of tea and a biscuit,' said Nobby sulkily. 'Anyway, the dummy ran away when it was my turn.'

'It's the same with life-saving, too,' said Carrot. 'We want people to breathe, so we try to make sure they've got some air in them...'
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The Thieves' Guild was complaining that Commander Vimes had said publicly that most thefts were committed by thieves
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The constable watched in frightened astonishment as Vimes pulled on the cheap pair and stood upright, stamping a few times with his eyes shut. 'Ah,' he said. 'I'm in front of the palace, right?'

'Er ... yes, sir. You've just come out of it, sir. It's this big building here.'

'Ah,' said Vimes brightly, 'but I'd know I was here, even if I hadn't!'


'It's the flagstones,' said Vimes. 'They're an unusual size and slightly dished in the middle. Hadn't you noticed? Your feet, lad! That's what you'll have to learn to think with!'

The bemused constable watched
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And he won't die?'

'Apparently he can be kept merely ... unwell. The dosage can be varied, I'm told.'

'Good. I'd rather have him unwell than dead. I wouldn't trust Vetinari to stay in a grave.'
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I could understand if it was one of the smite your enemies ones,' said Vimes. 'But that's just saying get on with your work and don't make trouble .'

'Ceno was a rather liberal god, sir. Not big on commandments.'

'Sounds almost decent, as gods go.'

Visit looked disapproving. The Cenotines died through five hundred years of waging some of the bloodiest wars on the continent, sir.'

'Spare the thunderbolts and spoil the congregation, eh?' said Vimes.

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view. The big powerful guilds didn't like him, but they liked him in power a lot more than they liked the idea of someone from a rival guild in the Oblong Office. Besides, Lord Vetinari represented stability. It was a cold and clinical kind of stability, but part of his genius was the discovery that stability was what people wanted more than anything else
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Cheery didn't bother to answer. There was no use denying it. Somehow, people could tell if you were a dwarf just by looking at you.
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And that was true enough. When a human doctor, after much bleeding and cupping, finds that a patient has died out of sheer desperation, he can always say, 'Dear me, will of the gods, that will be thirty dollars please,' and walk away a free man. This is because human beings are not, technically, worth anything. A good racehorse, on the other hand, may be worth twenty thousand dollars. A doctor who lets one hurry off too soon to that great big paddock in the sky may well expect to hear, out of some dark alley, a voice saying something on the lines of 'Mr Chrysoprase is very upset', and find the brief remainder of his life full of incident.

'No one
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Oh, well, if you prefer, I can recognize handwriting,' said the imp proudly. ‘I'm quite advanced.'

Vimes pulled out his notebook and held it up. 'Like this?' he said.

The imp squinted for a moment. 'Yep,' it said. That's handwriting, sure enough. Curly bits, spiky bits, all joined together. Yep. Handwriting. I'd recognize it anywhere.'

'Aren't you supposed to tell me what it says?'

The imp looked wary. 'Says?' it said. 'It's supposed to make noises?'
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He had that special type of stupidity that was hard to fool. But the only thing more difficult than getting him to grasp an idea was getting him to let go of it.
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I want someone who can look at the ashtray and tell me what kind of cigars I smoke.'

'Pantweed's Slim Panatellas,' said Littlebottom automatically.

'Good gods!'

'You've left the packet on the table, sir.'
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The shade of Mr Hopkinson began to fade. 'It's simply that I've always tried to plan ahead in a sensible way...'


'That seems very irresponsible...'

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Hmm. Going thin on top. Definitely a receding scalp there. Less hair to comb but, on the other hand, more face to wash... There was a flicker in the glass. He moved sideways and ducked. The mirror smashed.

There was
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