John Karter

Introducing Psychology of Relationships

Understanding psychological techniques can help you make your relationships happier and more fulfilling. This Practical Guide will help you achieve new and healthier ways of relating by explaining some of the major underlying psychological ‘drivers’ that permeate relationships and identify and work on these unconscious motivating factors to eliminate ‘knee-jerk’ reactions. Filled with straightforward, practical advice, case studies and examples, Introducing Psychology of Relationships will help you understand your relationship and make it more loving and mutually supportive, as well as be better equipped for entering into a new relationship.
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    When couples are suddenly able to see what lies beneath their ‘locked-in’ behaviour patterns it can mark a turning point in their relationship.
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    However, when we buy into the widespread idea that harmony and mutual fulfilment happen automatically as a result of meeting the ‘right’ person, an important factor is missed, or dismissed. Meaningful, lasting relationships are incredibly complex, multi-faceted psychological structures that are not built in a day and do not happen purely by accident
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    How many of those needs have been met either in full or in part?
    • How many of them have not been met at all?
    • During the course of the relationship, have you recognized new needs and/or discarded some of the original ones?
    • What do you think your partner’s needs were/are? Do you think he/she feels those needs have been met?

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