Lauren Baratz-Logsted,Greg Logsted,Jackie Logsted

Jackie's Jokes

In this humorous series, eight sisters must fend for themselves when their parents strangely vanish. But now they must handle another taxing mystery.
Jackie’s turn! Book four in this exciting series!
April has finally arrived. How lucky of Jackie to have such a lovely month to tell her story. It starts off with fun and laughter on April Fool’s Day, and then all the beautiful flowers start to bloom and then . . . Wait a minute. April fifteenth. That’s not a fun day. That’s the day every working person dreads—Tax Day!
Of course, the Eights have never had to worry about taxes. Their parents always took care of everything. But as we all know, their parents are gone (or dead). Who will take care of the taxes now?
Luckily, Pete the Mechanic is on their side. He’ll help them face down the tax man. But what’s really interesting is what the girls will discover while taking care of their parents’ taxes . . .
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