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Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Crossing the Line

A fake pregnancy, a real baby, and a madcap adventure: This follow-up to The Thin Pink Line is “even better than the first book” (Booklist).
London editor Jane Taylor pretended to be pregnant for months. Now she has rescued an actual abandoned baby—which would have come in handy for keeping up her charade, except that the infant is black and Jane is white. Finally giving up her ruse, Jane comes clean to the people in her life—but she wants to keep this precious little one.
To do that, she’ll have to battle Social Services and take on anyone who tries to get in her way, with some help from her ex-boyfriend Tolkien. But as she tries to reassure others—and herself—that she would make a fit mother, it’s clear that she’ll always be crazy Jane . . .
This is a delightfully comic and touching tale from an author with a “deft touch and sure eye for character” (Elizabeth Letts, New York Times–bestselling author of The Perfect Horse).
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