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Jennifer Ferguson

Mind Hacking

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    Now, I want you to conjure an imaginary situation in your mind in which you are experiencing the opposite, positive emotion in opposition to this negative one.
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    Sure, people can give you advice and show you the way, but it will be up to you to get there and reach those goals for yourself.
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    no scenarios in which the
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    Add to this pressure at work, family or relationship issues, fitting in time for friends and social obligations, and caring for children, and you begin to cultivate a perfect environment for too much stress that often leads to anxiety and even depression. Stress is also a contributing factor in many chronic diseases, including those which affect cardiovascular health. The pressure to keep up and be successful is compounded in our society by the social media we feed our brains every day which show people at their best, happiest and most successful on a daily basis. It is natural to look at people like this and feel that we are in some way not doing enough, not making enough money, not working out enough, not enough of anything. This is where the low self-esteem, anxiety and depression can sneak in. So, if the stress isn’t getting to you, the constant barrage of media telling you to do better in nearly every aspect of your life surely will.
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    adrenalin and cortisol
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    brain detects danger
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    Happiness must be cultivated from within yourself
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    saying is that using this or other temporary fixes to run away from constant stress that is taking a toll on your body is not the best way to address it in a meaningful and long-lasting way.
    All of these quick fixes are external. Marketers and advertisements are creating a desire within you for their products and services as an external source of peace, calm, and happiness. But therein lies the crux of the problem—these things can only come in true form from within ourselves, not from the outside.
    Everyone has goals for their
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    Chapter 1: What Is Mind Hacking?
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    Everyone has goals for their lives
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