Anthony Ekanem

Before You Breakup

Relationships can end up either good or bad. When there are many complications between you and your partner during the relationship, there is no point in continuing together. You may end up with troubles which are more serious or the breakup may get uglier.

Think about why you want a breakup. Think and consider all the reasons that are making you leave your partner. Was it just because of temporary negative emotions? Was it because of conflicts involving legal issues? Do not make hasty decisions, and be reasonable on why you want a breakup.

Make a list of all reasons to breakup and possible solutions. List down all reasons you had considered for a breakup and possible solutions to solve problems, if you think there is still a chance to save the relationship. This will help you to have a clearer view for your decision-making.

Go through the list and reflect. Analyze deeper through the list you have made and reflect honestly, whether you had been fair in its content. Did you try your best to curb problems?

Making sure the reasons for breaking up cannot be ignored anymore? Be sure you did not make the wrong choice of breaking up with your partner.
Be prepared for questioning. Decide properly what to say when you breakup with your partner. Also, do consider preparing for the questions your partner may raise during the breakup. Make sure you are emotionally stable before and when you say goodbye.

Be clear that it is over. Review again to make sure this relationship will end forever. Do not bring in emotions or give hints that both of you may come back together. You must understand that it is better for your partner to get the message quickly and clearly.
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