Money Saving Tips: How to Spend Less and Save More, Anthony Ekanem
Anthony Ekanem

Money Saving Tips: How to Spend Less and Save More

Do you need money for investing or starting some business or to become debt-free and live a peaceful life? And you think there is no source to generate this extra money required? Do you realize that you are not able to achieve your financial goals or money doesn't stay with you for long? What follows is a list of steps to take. Each of these tactics is simple little moves you can make to improve your financial situation. Some of them take just a few minutes, others might take an hour or two, some of them require a bit of regular effort, but they're all incredibly simple – anyone can do them. Each of them also saves significant money, especially over the long haul, and when combined together these tips can save you a lot of money now. Obviously, not all of these tips will apply to everyone. Just go through the list and find those that do apply to you and use them in your life. You'll quickly find yourself saving some serious scratch. Figures given are for example purposes and given in Dollars; you may read them as your currency.
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Whenever you’re considering making an unnecessary purchase, wait thirty days and then ask yourself if you still want that item. Quite often, you’ll find that the urge to buy has passed and you’ll have saved yourself some money by simply waiting. If you want, you can even keep a “thirty day list” where you write down the item and the day you’ll reconsider it, but I prefer just to keep this one in my head – that way, I often just forget about the unimportant things.

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